Donating my birthday to this cause

For my birthday this year, there is nothing more I would want than to ensure LebMASH is sustainable.

LebMASH started 5 years ago with an idea. An idea that was originally faced with skepticism from my friends and family. An idea that grew into a medical association that was able to help depathologize homosexuality in Lebanese healthcare system, establish an annual LGBT Health Week in Lebanon, give annual grants to students, and collaborate with government ministries and non-governemental organizations to advance the healthcare of LGBT people in Lebanon.

I am asking all my colleagues, friends and family to donate a dollar a month to help us sustain LebMASH running cost especially at times when facing the backlash we are receiving is becoming very costly.

You can help too by sharing or donating anywhere between 1 to 10 dollars a month:

Happy birthday to me and happy birthing day to my incredibly amazing mother.

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  1. You’re awesome Hasan!
    Happy belated birthday!



  1. Celebrating 5th anniversary & 1st Award – Dr. Hasan Abdessamad

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