#Shu_el_Sabab? And does it matter?

Today a unique and rare video surfaced online. It is the story of Rami, a young man in Lebanon who is struggling with his sexual orientation. His parents are not supportive and misinformed. They take him to a psychiatrist who attempts to change his orientation against national and international medical guidelines. The short film is based on true stories of gay and lesbian individuals who participated in focus groups conducted by LebMASH in Lebanon. Watch the video to know what happens to Rami next:

This animated video was produced by the Lebanese Medical Association for Sexual Health (LebMASH) and released today to increase awareness regarding challenges and barriers to health care faced by members of sexual minority groups. LebMASH is intending to use this video as its introduction to a one-hour educational module designed to train healthcare provider about sexual health with no discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation and gender identity or expression.

“Shu el Sabab?” (Arabic for ‘What is the cause?’) is one of the most frequently asked question regarding homosexuality in Lebanon.

A recent study conducted by the Gender & Sexuality Resource Center (GSRC) at the Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality (AFE) showed that 72% of the Lebanese population perceive homosexuality as a mental disorder. Some mental health professionals in Lebanon continue to practice various forms of conversion therapy against the recommendations of international and Lebanese mental health professional organizations.

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