STRUT a mile for Hope

Walk a mile in stilettos to support LGBT+ refugees.

I support this cause and I am inviting you to support it too. It is close to my heart as I was on the other side of the fence. This week I became a Canadian citizen, but I couldn’t have done it alone, I was blessed with helping hands and a handful of hope. As I embark on this new journey as a Canadian, help and hope is what I am committed to give.

The Foundation of Hope asks STRUT (our first and upcoming fundraiser) participants to walk a mile in heels to garner support and raise funds for LGBT+ refugees coming to Canada.

VANCOUVER — Walking a mile in heels isn’t exactly an easy task, but the Foundation of Hope is asking you to do just that on June 6 to raise funds and awareness for their LGBT+ refugees. Participants will STRUT one mile at Sunset Beach in Vancouver’s West End to support LGBT+ refugees seekers who are bound for Canada. “STRUT is our community’s chance to show how open and accepting we truly are,” said Rob Easton, Director at Large for the Foundation of Hope. “We want to make Canada a more accepting place for LGBT+ refugees by giving money to people who can provide housing, legal supports, casework, you name it to some of the most potentially vulnerable people in society.”

Mark your calendars for STRUT: Launch on March 28 and Event on June 6. Check our Facebook page /rainbowfoundationofhope, Twitter @FoundHope2014 and website on that date for details.

Mark your calendars for STRUT: Launch on March 28 and Event on June 6. Check our Facebook page /rainbowfoundationofhope, Twitter @FoundHope2014 and website on that date for details.

STRUT starts 12 p.m. sharp on June 6, 2015 at Sunset Beach in Vancouver, BC. Participants will take donations prior to the event, and will walk one mile in high-heel shoes on the day of.

“Walking a mile in heels shows the power and perseverance of the struggle for equality around the world,” said Easton.

The Foundation of Hope is an organization that provides financial assistance to Canadian NGOs actively supporting LGBT+ refugees and asylum seekers. Since this is their first community fundraising event, the foundation has high hopes for fundraising.

“Our dream is to raise $30,000 for LGBT+ refugees,” says Carl Meadows, Foundation of Hope Chairperson. “Funds will go directly to services and supports that touch their lives and make a difference.”

The money raised by the event will fund grants that go towards badly needed services to assist LGBT+ people from countries where they are persecuted to come to Canada and be fully integrated into Canadian life. Grants will be available for Circles of Hope (i.e., settlement groups working with non-profits), non-government funded health care, education (to enhance settlement and integration), social services, and housing for LGBT+ refugees and asylum seekers.


About The Foundation of Hope:

Foundation of Hope LogoThe Foundation of Hope provides financial assistance to Canadian NGOs actively supporting LGBTQ+ refugees and immigrants. Operated by a working board of volunteers, this foundation may be the first of its kind in Canada and possibly the world. The Foundation of Hope originated as a group of individuals co-sponsoring two queer Syrian refugees, who have since immigrated to Canada as permanent residents. Through this work, the team realized the tremendous hardship refugees can face, both when deciding to escape their country of origin and for those who have arrived in Canada. The Foundation of Hope was incorporated as a non-profit on August 12, 2014. Application as a Charity with the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) is in progress.


Purpose: Enhance the lives of LGBT+ people and their families through financial support to Canadian NGOs working directly with Refugees, Immigrants, and Asylum seekers, both nationally and internationally.

Vision: Enhance the lives of LGBT+ Refugees, Immigrants, Asylum Seekers, and newly settled people through financial support of Canadian Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), as a permanent community foundation.

Mission: Financially support Canadian NGOs that work directly with Refugees, Immigrants, Asylum Seekers, and sponsorship Groups (Circles of Hope) working with LGBT+ people and their families.

Our Grants

  • Circles of Hope (Sponsorship & Settlement Groups)
  • Healthcare ~ Areas of Non-Government funded
  • Education ~ Focus on education to enhance integration
  • Social Services ~ Emergent Social Support
  • Housing ~ LGBT+

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