Few of my favourite things

These are Few of my favourite things (at work):

  • Parent’s tears with newborn’s first cry
  • My patient’s facial expression when I tell her the biopsy is negative for cancer
  • The nurses’ smile when I arrive on the floor
  • Calling my patient’s partner after her surgery to tell him/her everything went well
  • My colleague asking to cover part of my call so I get a nap to get over my cold
  • A “Thank you” from a grateful patient
Dr. Hasan Abdessamad - Patient gift - Vancouver Gynecoloist

I just received this “Thank you” box of chocolate and a thoughtful card from a grateful patient after her surgery

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2 replies

  1. Those are beautiful favorite things. You are a wonderful doctor, always did put your patients & their families first. Miss you much


  2. The smiles on every face when you arrive anywhere


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