LebMASH discusses mental health with victims of violence against women

Recently the Lebanese Medical Association for Sexual Health has collaborated with Kafa, an organization that advocates against “Violence & Exploitation” of womyn in Lebanon, to establish a series of workshops on mental health and sexuality. The sessions are generally interactive and depend on feedback from participant to guide the content.

The first session was given by Dr. Hala Kerbage, a psychiatry resident and an active LebMASH partner. I am reblogging here what Dr. Kerbage wrote for LebMASH blog about her session.

The second session was given on Feb 28 by Dr. Sally Khoury, an Obstetrics & Guynecology resident at the American University of Beirut. Dr. Khoury discussed sex and sexuality with a Kafa group of victims of physical and sexual abuse.

Lebanese Medical Association for Sexual Health

On Jan. 9th 2014, the Lebanese Medical Association for Sexual Health provided an educational session about depression and some of its features in the female gender to women from KAFA (Enough Violence and Exploitation), an NGO aiming at fighting gender based violence and advocating for women’s rights in Lebanon and the Middle East.

The presentation was an interactive one where most of the participants talked about their own experience with depression. Symptoms of depression were explained, as well as the difference with transient sad mood. The presentation also dealt with the etiologies of depression, and the risk factors especially in the post-partum period.

Another section of the presentation was about management of depression, and the participants had many questions about antidepressants and tranquilizers: difference between them, delay of action, side effects, duration of treatment. Other aspects of depression management were also explained, with an emphasis on psycho-social support.

Finally, a video…

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