LebMASH’s first fundraiser: A great success

The Lebanese Medical Association for Sexual Health organized a fundraiser in a loft in TriBeCA in New York City on Oct. 19th 2013.

The fundraiser attracted 60 attendees. With a halloween theme,  music video projections, Lebanese food catered by Hayat Caterers, a surprise drag performance by Sultana and a spontaneous one by Rami who broke into a splendid belly dance performance, the night entertained indeed, it also exceeded our fund raising expectations.

The hosts and volunteer team wore aprons with LebMASH’s logo (designed by Tarek Atrissi Design) printed on them. Guests showed up in costumes as well. Everyone had a great time and the party was wrapped at 1am.

Dr. Omar Fattal LebMASH Fundraiser

LebMASH raised $6520 after an anonymous donor matched 25% of what LebMASH originally raised.

The fundraiser was organized by Dr. Omar Fattal, a Lebanese psychiatrist based in New York and an executive board member of LebMASH. Dr. Fattal explained in a speech the gap in sexual health and LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) health in Lebanon, a gap that lead to the inception of LebMASH. He introduced members of LebMASH’s executive board and talked about its mission and goals. Dr. Fattal elaborated on the importance of the recent historic statements by the Lebanese Psychiatric Society (LPS) and the Lebanese Psychological Association (LPA) stating that homosexuality is not a disease and thus requires no treatment and that Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE) can be dangerous and should not be attempted.

LebMASH Executive Board

Dr. Fattal also explained how the funds raised will be used by LebMASH: building and maintaining a website, paying LebMASH’s lawyer and accountant for 2013, covering registration fees in lebanon, translating relevant scientific literature to Arabic, and covering LebMASH’s annual “Break The Silence” research award.

Dr. Fattal ended his speech by thanking the team of volunteers who helped make the event successful, the host who offered the space, and Research Institute Without Walls RIWW for being LebMASH’d fiscal sponsors (allowing all donations to be tax-deductible in the USA.)

Deadline for the agreement is Dec 1, 2013. This means that you can still donate to LebMASH and if you live in USA or are an American citizen your donation will be tax-deductible. If you feel generous and you believe in LebMASH’s mission in the Middle East send a cheque written to our fiscal sponsor “Research Institute Without Walls Inc.” and specify “To LebMASH” on it. Contact LebMASH for details on where to send the cheque:

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  1. Felicitaciones, Congratulations, great achievement.


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