Dear France, re-colonize us!

The country that gave Lebanon’s Penal Code article 534 now gave all its citizens the right to marry.

Article 534 criminalizes any “sexual act against nature” by up to one year in prison and has been used against homosexuals.

As France marks another historic achievement for human rights, Lebanese officials arrested 4 men and 2 transwomen in a Ghost bar in Dekwaneh, east of Beirut, just for their perceived sexual orientation and gender expression. The 6 were all Syrian nationals and also “breaking” the curfew enforced on Syrians in the municipality of Dekwaneh after 6 PM. The victims were humiliated, stripped down and even photographed, the nude photos taken by police were even provided to mainstream media and leaked to social media.

Ghost Bar was shut down. The men and women were now all released, but the trauma of such an experience will scar their lives for long. 

Congrats France, maybe it is time to colonize us again, perhaps this time you would leave us with a better set of penal and ethical codes.

On a happier note, today the Lebanese government signed the first ever civil marriage certificate. Nidal and Kholoud became the first couple to ever have a civil marriage on Lebanese soil. Khouloud said: “I tell everyone, no rights would be lost if fought for.”

PS: Before anyone jumps on my back, I am not really calling on France or any other country to “re-colonize” us for whatever reason.

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