A “video game” to train surgeons

Watch this video i took today as Hologic demonstrated MyoSure device to Gynecologic Surgeons from Vancouver at the Seasons restaurant in Queen Elizabeth Park.

MyoSure makes hysteroscopic myomectomies easier and fibroid morcellation faster and safer. The company bought this impressive software that familiarizes the surgeon with this new device by allowing us to operate the simulation as if we are playing a video game.

At the end of the “game”, the program gives you details about what percentage of the fibroid you have successfully removed, how many times you hit the wall of the uterus or myometrium and thus how safe your operating skills were.

I can’t wait to start using MyoSure in the operating room. As promising as it might come across virtually, I will be able to fully judge or endorse it after I use it in the real Operating Theater.


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