Kind words back from Bathurst!

It is such kindness and gratefulness that make all the difference in my career, I am happy to share with you this letter I received from a patient of mine.

Good morning Dr Abdessamad,

My name is *** ***. I was your patient in Bathurst NB. (See photo of me and my husband *** attached). Exactly 3 years ago (February 2010) we met you in your office in Bathurst. Having had problems for 3 to 4 years prior and also after having received little help from two other gynaecologists before you during those years, we were skeptical that you could help us. Last spring, I was sad to hear from my family doctor that you had left Bathurst without us having had the chance to wish you the best in your new chapter of life in Vancouver. As I was searching on Internet to see if by any chance I could find an e-mail address, I got into your blog, to which I subscribed, by the way. I was very surprised, to discover 2 or 3 years later, that you had chosen to post the special messages and gifts that we had given you in December 2010 and December 2011. This has confirmed the importance of expressing our gratitude! On your blog, I could read that you’ve had difficult times- broken heart and broken arm. I understand you are better now and that your arm is working perfectly!

On this Valentine’s Day, it is an appropriate moment to tell you again how grateful we are to you as I am completely cured and couldn’t be any better. Being retired from work since last June, I can tell you than we enjoy life at its maximum!!!! *** and I wish you the best. You are a very significant person in our life. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Best regards!

Disclaimer: This letter has been shared here with patient’s knowledge and permission.

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