The final A to the DABDA of my breakup

Since grieving usually comes to an end…

If you have not heard of DABDA, let me explain. It is the five stages a person goes through when grieving a loss: Denial – Anger – Bargaining – Depression – Acceptance. The stages are not exclusive. You can be in two or three stages at the same time. The duration of a stage can last from minutes to years.

The first blog post I wrote was about DABDA back in October 2010.

Time flies.

Isn’t this ironic. In retrospect, it feels like time flies. Yet when a part of you breaks, time stands still. That is what I experienced when I broke my arm a year ago and my heart a year before that.

Here is to the beautiful memory of it all, on the 9th anniversary of when it all started, the 2nd anniversary of when it all ended and as it all ends now, again.


Time stands still as we deny, we disbelieve,

We get angry, we grow furious, we act naïve,

We bargain, our wounded soul we seek to relieve,

We aspire for the truth, but believe what we perceive,

We express, we depress, we delude, we deceive

Time stands still as we conceive what to achieve

We cross oceans, yet burn bridges and shields we weave

We let go and a beautiful journey behind us we leave

We succumb, we accept as we no longer afford to grieve


I have arrived at the final A of my DABDA.

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