Canada should not welcome homophobic and sexist Lebanese singer

It is time we stand up against cultural terrorism and hate speech in Lebanese art. This Lebanese singer has been advocating for using violence against kids if you suspect them to be homosexual. He calls on womyn to stay home and serve their husband because there is no place for them outside home. Womyn should not pursue educational degrees according to Iskandar’s songs and should specialize in serving and pleasing their husbands at home. His lyrics are outrageous and offensive to say the least. A group of Lebanese feminists has protested his songs back in 2010. Recently a group of Arabs protested his performance in a European country. No action has seemed to stop him and his hate speech appears to be persistent and escalating.

Raynbow and its Lebanese LGBT Media Monitor along with Helem Montreal are working on mobilizing protests against this artist’s performances in Canada.

Raynbow Blog

—-La version Française suivra—-

For immediate release,

Open Letter

HELEM Montreal condemns the invitation of the Lebanese singer Mr. Mhamad Eskandar to perform in Canada. Mr. Eskandar, well known for his homophobic and sexist songs, will be performing at Place Vertu Center on September 1, 2012, and at restaurant Mazaj in Ottawa on September 2, 2012.

Montreal August 20, 2012 – HELEM Montreal issues this letter of protest today at a time of unprecedented repression and violation of basic human rights and dignity towards the LGBT community in Lebanon. In July 2012, Lebanese security authorities raided a cinema that was allegedly frequented by homosexuals. 36 men were arrested and imprisoned for several days pending investigation into their sexual orientation. The investigation consisted of a degrading anal exam during which a tool was used to detect bodily fluids and determine one’s sexual orientation. Lebanese authorities invoked Article 534 of the Lebanese…

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