Homemade Easter desert from a grateful patient.


What I’m going to miss most about my practice in Bathurst is how grateful the patients are. It is similar in some aspects to the practice of medicine in Lebanon.

Today, a patient that I have been looking after for some time presented me with homemade “Almond Bark”. She said: “Happy Easter if you celebrate it or happy Spring if you do not.” She thanked me and gave me a big goodbye hug. It made my day.

So to all my readers, happy Easter if you celebrate it or happy Spring if you do not.

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  1. Are you leaving Bathurst ???


  2. No way! I’m due in August. I was hoping to have you as my obs/gyn when I have the baby. Where are you going? 🙂


    • I would have loved to care for your delivery. I will be relocating to Vancouver mid June.


    • You will continue to keep us posted right? I will continue to read your post ‘religiously’ 🙂 That’s what I was saying to my husband, it’s impossible that such doctor can stay here 😛 Not that we are not good people, but you know too much and are way too smart to stay in such a small community. I was really sad when I learned that you were leaving. I had a chance to be taken care by you once and I was so amazed with all the answers you gave me for all my questions and worries. ( Oh my ! my english is bad 😛 ) I have so many questions since I’ve watched the documentary ‘The business of being born’. I have to see an obs/gyn in june to see if I’m a good ‘candidate’ to have a VBAC and have so many questions 🙂


  3. I am planning on keeping this blog (http://habdessamad.com) and the Facebook page (http://fb.com/DrAbdessamad) active and up to date with most recent health recommendations and information. The pace in vancouver might be faster and I might not be able to keep up here, but I will try. The internet is full of health “info” from everyone but doctors, we have really arrived late and I believe we should work hard to enrich the web with accurate health information. As for your pregnancy, I am glad you appear motivated to educate yourself about all your available options so you can be empowered to make a well informed decision. Best of luck and I wish on you a healthy and satisfactory vaginal delivery after your C-section. I am not sure if you have read this https://habdessamad.com/2010/11/23/cesarean/


  4. I’ve probably read all of your articles including those on your Facebook page 🙂 So informatives especially coming from a Doctor. My dream is to become and obs nurse one day 🙂 I’m watching ‘Baby story’ since 1998, reading all of your articles, reading alot of books about pregnancy. My daughter wants to become an obs/gyn, it probably has something to do with me talking about pregnancy and babies all of the time. I’m expecting my 5th child and not planning to stop there. With me having a full-time job at the Federal Government and my husband working a full-time job and our business, it will be hard for me to get that degree but I know that one day I will become an obs nurse 🙂

    By the way, have you ever seen the documentary ‘The business of being born’ ?


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