A letter from a baby I helped “being born”

I received this note on Facebook in Sept. 2011 and the second photo in Feb. 2012:

Hi doctor!

Yesterday I saw you on facebook, and this remind me that I have not thanked you for helping my mom gave birth to me after two days in the delivery room (I was so tired, mom and dad too! ). So I decided to send you a picture of me to show you how much I’m cute and full of life! I wish to take a picture with you to put in my keepsake box. My mom forgot to take one. 

I don’t know if you remember me, because I know you help a lot of babies being born, but me, I will never forget the first man I’ve seen in my life!

I love you Dr. Abdessamad!

Oh… I saw that you had a broken arm, I’m sorry. I hope that you will heal quickly!

9wks & 12lbs 

Amylee age 7 weeks - Thank you Dr. Abdessamad

Amylee's snow angel - age 5 months

Disclaimer: This above note and the two photos are published here unedited with permission from Amylee’s mother.

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  1. That is such a cute letter. You have an amazing career Hasan, keep up the good work!!! 😉


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