Tonight I shot a guy

After a long day, I finally got to lie down. I turned the lights off, and closed my eyes. It was relaxing. All I could hear was the usual noise from my marine aquarium in the living room and the unusual ticking from a new clock I recently mounted on the wall of my bedroom.

Many ticks later, I heard my Dalmatian bark. He rarely does. I then heard a gun shot. I could hear Pongo squeak, then foot steps rushing upstairs from Pongo’s room. I jumped out of bed in horror. I was terrified, I stood dumbfounded and in disbelief. My limbs were numb.

I can either jump through the window or run through the door. My “fight or flight” reaction instinctively selected the former.

I watched myself grab the lamp and run through the door. I threw the lamp. Glass shattered. The intruder did not slow down. I am now pushing a love seat down the stairs. It hit him. He fell back. His gun fell farther. He reached for it. I am now pushing the love seat violently against his body and face. He was bleeding. He still reached for the gun.

I jumped over him and grabbed the gun. In the meantime he managed to push the love-seat away.

“Freeze” I yelled in a trembling voice.

“You seem like you never held a gun in your life, you will not shoot me” he mumbled.

He was only right about the first.

“Zippp” or such it sounded. I shot him.

Luckily it hit him in the leg.

He yelled in pain.

I yelled in fear.

“You shot me!”

The doctor in me wanted to put pressure on the bleeder and tell him it will be alright.

I ran to the phone to dial… What was that number?

I could not remember the number to dial. Of what use is it if you would forget it under stress.

I forgot it, I freaked out, I froze.

He was dragging himself towards me, and a trail of blood behind him. I’m thinking I just mopped the floor today!.. What is that number?.. I hear unusual ticking in the background!..

I just woke up.

Before I start writing this post, I ran down to check on Pongo. “Are you for real?” he woofed. Then my Dalmatian decided to be chatty and tell all what he really thinks of me (to be left for another post).

I am probably still sleeping.

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  1. catching – you got talent !!


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