Physiotherapy for a Gynecologist with a broken arm


In order to assess whether my broken arm has recovered well and is ready for delivering babies, I suggested to my physiotherapist the following test. We wrapped 4 kilograms of training weights in a towel to simulate a 4000 gr. newborn. We lifted the head of the examination bed and placed the wrap on the inclined surface with sheets underneath. With my right arm I pushed on the wrap to move it upward simulating what I would do in a cesarean delivery trying to pull the baby’s head out of the pelvis. That worked well. Then I asked the physiotherapist to place pressure on the wrap to resist my upward motion simulating a difficult delivery. That worked as well. I’m good to go.

Unknowingly, I just created a new test specifically made to assess the ability of a gynecologist with a broken arm to go back to work.

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