Help me donate my birthday

Every June 8th I am reminded how much I am loved, blessed and surrounded. This year I want to donate this precious feeling to minority groups who are maltreated, alienated and oppressed.

My Facebook wall receives more than 100 “Happy Birthday” messages. Reading the names of those who thought about me on my special day overwhelms me with joy. Over the past few years, this became an awaited part of my birthday celebration.

This year I decided to deactivated my Facebook wall to donate the traffic to human right causes that I believe are worthy of our compassion and attention.

Please donate as little as 10 minutes of your time to learn more about the unique and courageous work done in Lebanon by the following organizations:

For womyn’s rights:
For domestic violence victims’ rights:
  • Kafa: “enough violence & exploitation”
For Migrant workers’ rights:
For lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights:
  • Helem: “Lebanese protection for LGBTIQ”
  • Meem: “a community of queer women & transgender persons in Lebanon”
  • Raynbow: “to empower and support the LGBT movement in Lebanon”
For sexual health and bodily rights:

Thank you for reading.

… and happy Birthing day to my amazing mom.

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  1. Thank you Hasan. As an anti-oppressive social worker, your dedication to these causes are inspiring! It is in reaching out to other, and being compassionate to our fellow women/men that we find our own light.
    Thank you for bringing showing us some of the various movements in your home country. Sometimes we forget to look past our own proverbial back door.
    Many blessings to you and your mother on this special day. We are all the better for having you in our life, and our world!


  2. You are the best, I totally agree with Robert!!! Happy birthday- much love, michou


    • Michou, even though we now live apart, I still know how much involved in my life you are 😉 I recently learned, same day i finished my exam, I am so proud of how deeply you know and understand me and care about me, you are also always in my thoughts.


  3. Happy Birthday Hasan


  4. Hasan,
    What a great idea this is. You are so right about being loved and sharing that love with others, you are a beautiful human being and I am very proud to call you a friend. I hope that you have had a wonderful Birthday.
    Love Tracey and Carla


  5. You are such a generous, thoughtful and amazing man! I am happy to have you for a good, close friend! I am too thankful to have spent your birthday with you! I love your spirit more each day!!


  6. Happy Birthday my friend. Hugs xxxx


  7. Such an amazing causes! I’m am so proud of you!you’ve worked hard for the benefit of social awareness and giving more in-dept recognition of human rights regardless of any social/racial differences…people need to wake up and reflect on what’s going on around us and take an action.Good luck habibi for more inspiring stories you are sharing and you move me more to keep on promoting and educating people especially my patients regarding human rights and equality.:)



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