A personal assistant to manage your social networks!?

You do not need a personal assistant to manage your growing list of social networks. Here are few tips that might help you multitask:

1. Use the same username for all your accounts. Many providers allow you to sign in using a Facebook or Email account. (Yahoo and Quora, to name a few.)

2. Use same or similar passwords for all your accounts. For better security, consider coding your passwords. Let’s say your password for Gmail is “123G”. Make your password for Twitter “123T”, for Facebook “123F” and so on.

3. Network your different networks. Most providers allows you to connect your account to other sites. For example, when I upload a video on YouTube, a link is automatically sent to my Google Buzz, Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

4. Consider using a social media dashboard to help you manage all your accounts. I prefer Hootsuite which manages my personal and volunteer Twitter accounts, my personal and volunteer Facebook pages, my Linkedin, and Foursquare among others. Hootsuite can translate any text to any language. This comes handy when I want to Tweet in Arabic.

I have to say though, I am an amateur when it comes to social networking. With only 256 followers on Twitter and frequent visits to Quora to figure out how things run here, I do not claim to be an authority in this field. I just wanted to share with you few things I found helpful. Share yours!

Please comment below with more tips.

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