Can we survive offline!?

This went viral on Twitter. Here is my clean version of it:

Photo from Flickr

Twitter: “Let us all do it!”

Foursquare: “I am doing it here.”

Quora: “Why do it?”

Facebook: “I did it.”

Youtube: “Watch me do it.”

Linkedin: “I do it well.”

So if it is all done there, can we still survive offline? The change is happening so fast, you almost feel you are always behind.

My parents did not have internet. “I am on the phone” could only mean “I am talking on the phone”.

Their parents did not have cell phones. “I can’t reach her” could only mean “She is not home”.

Their grandparents did not have home phones. “I gotta drive there”

Their grand-grandparents did not have cars. To go meet someone in the city was considered “traveling”.

So now we e-meet someone on Facebook, socialize on Twitter, geotrack their daily activities on Foursquare, look up their house on Google maps, check their Curriculum Vitae on Linkedin, listen to their favorite music on Ping, and meet their family and friends on Flickr. All this before we even “meet” them.

So is this a curse or a blessing? It can be a double-edged sword. The cons are obvious: issues related to privacy, addiction, paradoxical isolation to name a few. In my following post I will discuss what else social media has to offer, how to make the best out of it and  how to manage multiple accounts without investing additional time.

Stay tuned!

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  1. well, in my experience, as long as you control what you share, privacy shouldn’t be an issue.

    And as for relationships, I’d say it has only brought me closer to people who share the same interests and goals in life. But it is indeed a double-edged sword, depending on how you use it…


    • The issue with privacy is that:
      1. you might think you are secure while you are not
      2. not everyone is aware of all the privacy issues and how to control them
      3. the worst is when you erroneously tweet when you mean to DM (Direct message) or “Reply To All” when Facebook do not offer a “Reply” button on group messages. Even worst, when you tweet from your business/volunteer account thinking it was your personal account 🙂

      How many times did #3 happen to you!?



  1. Google is watching you « Dr. Hasan Abdessamad

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