Sexual health brochure for womyn who have sex with womyn

Here is a sexual health brochure that I supervised and edited during my last trip to Lebanon.

It is produced by Meem, “a community of lesbian, bisexual, queer & questioning women and transgender persons in Lebanon”.

The brochure was recently announced in Bekhsoos, “queer Arab magazine published weekly by queer and trans folks”.

I enjoyed working with Meem’s very dynamic and motivated health coordinator. Kudos to Meem for the great services they are providing their community. The brochure will be published and distributed in Lebanon soon.

To my knowledge, there are no health brochures targeting womyn who have sex with womyn in Lebanon. The only other publication I am aware of is an Arabic sexual health booklet by Helem called “Mish 3an el Nabat” (مش عن النبات). The booklet is for both men and womyn. Below is a slideshow of the brochure.

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  1. You know, this is the first time I’m aware of the use of the ‘Womyn’ spelling *blushes*

    Great job on the brochure Hasan!


  2. Great that more guides are being published. Thanks, Hassan and Meem. However, I would have loved to see this booklet published in Arabic.


  3. Great job Hassan & Meem!
    And is it just me or is the brochure design really cool? It’s very nice to look at!


  4. I think its amazing that there is a Lebanese doctor whom happens to be a feminist. who knew? I like that you also use the term “womyn.” I’m actually considering doing the same in my final theses essay as I do think it is technically the proper way we should spell the term.


    • Thank you Mariam for reading. As for the term, I have to warn you that many feminists disagree that using “womyn” is necessary. Do your research first before you use it. I personally prefer this term over the Chauvinistic masculo-centrist term “Women”.


  5. Ya I understand 🙂 I’m actually a women’s studies student.. it’s a personal preference for me but its hard to use it when I’m so used to spelling “women” over “womyn.”

    Thank you for a great blog.


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