HPV vaccine helps persons age 9 to 45

I’m glad the USA finally came around on this topic. I have been recommending the HPV vaccine to my patients age 9 to 45 for many years and since the evidence first emerged. Unfortunately, most of my patients were having… Read More ›

Dignity over Diagnosis – شخص مش تشخيص

“Shakhess mesh tashkhiss”: relying on scientific research to put an end to the “myths” related to homosexuality and to protect individuals from discrimination. LebMASH’s Second Annual LGBT Health Week in Lebanon Beirut, on 20 March 2018: The second annual LGBT… Read More ›

Donating my birthday to this cause

For my birthday this year, there is nothing more I would want than to ensure LebMASH is sustainable. LebMASH started 5 years ago with an idea. An idea that was originally faced with skepticism from my friends and family. An… Read More ›

ما قلته لزافن عن صحة الأقليات في لبنان

استضافني الاعلامي زافين في مقابلة على شاشة المستقبل عبر برنامج بلا طول سيرة للحديث عن أسبوع صحّة الأقليّات الجنسيّة الذي نظمته الجمعيّة الطبيّة اللبنانيّة للصحّة الجنسيّة، لبماش، في شهر آذار ٢٠١٧ في لبنان. هذا النشاط هو الأوّل من نوعه في العالم… Read More ›

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