Thank you from Holden

“Thank you so much for getting our son Holden to us safely.” It is already a privilege to be welcomed into families’ lives at such an incredible time, and on top of that I get thanked for it! What an… Read More ›


E-visit from Baby Ashton!

I am so grateful to Ashton’s mom for sending these photos with the following message: “Hi Doctor! Hope you are doing well. Here are baby Ashton’s pictures. He was born on April 2nd through the emergency c-section you performed. He… Read More ›


The last baby I catch in Canada!

I wanted to catch a baby on my last call day in Vancouver, Canada before I start a new chapter in #Seattle and Easton made it happen. This adorable little miracle came out crying and breathing in the beauty of… Read More ›


Delivered on my birthday

Every year I try to be on call at the hospital on my birthday hoping to be present for the birth of another June 8 baby.  Today, it was quiet on the Labor & Delivery floor, which allowed me to… Read More ›

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