#Shu_el_Sabab? And does it matter?

Today a unique and rare video surfaced online. It is the story of Rami, a young man in Lebanon who is struggling with his sexual orientation. His parents are not supportive and misinformed. They take him to a psychiatrist who attempts to… Read More ›


شو_السبب؟ فيلم رسوم متحركة قصير عن الجنسانية

قصة محزنة عن فتى إسمه رامي انتشرت اليوم على الانترنت. هو فيلم رسوم متحركة قصير يستند على شهادات حياة لمثليين ومثليّات من لبنان، شاركوا في مجموعات تركيز أجرتها الجمعية الطبية اللبنانية للصحة الجنسية (لبماش) لِتدوين تجربتهم/ن الشخصية. رامي يعاني من… Read More ›

Dr. Rizk in answering questions from LeMSIC medical students at a workshop on LGBT health planned by LebMASH, Lebanon, 2015.

LebMASH rewards students for studying LGBT health

Published on Sept. 2 on LebMASH.org The Lebanese Medical Association for Sexual Health (LebMASH), a local non-governmental non-profit organization that works on advancing sexual health and the healthcare of sexual minorities in Lebanon, has announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign… Read More ›


Medical Association empowers students to research sexuality

Advancing sexual health and healthcare for sexual minorities in Lebanon, LebMASH Crowdfunds with Zoomaal

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