Beirut Waterfront from Zaituna Bay by Hasan Abdessamad

“My son is 16, he thinks he is gay”

“My son is 16, he told me he thinks he is gay, can he be sure at this age? I’m so in shock, who should I consult? Please help me.”

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What does Fifo really say!?

Fifo is a Lebanese man who is being ostracized for expressing himself the way he wants. “He is sick – mentally ill – sexual deviant” in the eyes of many on social media portals and until these misconceptions and fallacies get rectified many, like Firas, will not feel they can ever fit in, develop and prosper, will not even feel safe. We can rectify it. That is why I believe in the work the Lebanese Medical Association for Sexual Health is doing. That is why I support LebMASH.

Lebanese demonstrator holds a sign reading "Together for the elimination of tests of shame, these tests are rape" during a protest against anal "tests" on men suspected of homosexuality and so-called "virginity tests" for women in Beirut on August 11, 2012. (AFP Photo / Anwar Amro)

Stop Shame Tests in Lebanon Police stations

Five men were dragged to a police station where a forensic doctor was called to “medically assess” their sexual orientation! The men were exposed to an anal test by inserting an egg-shaped metallic instrument in the anus to “check” if they were gay…. Read More ›

Dr. Hasan Abdessamad - Proud Lebanon - LebMASH

4 key events in Beirut for LGBT health

I will present to you four medical events/conferences planned by or in collaboration with the Lebanese Medical Association for Sexual Health – LebMASH in Beirut, Lebanon during the last week of May 2014. May 24, 2014: The Lebanese Psychological Association… Read More ›

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